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Name : Rinzlette
Birth : 13 Desember 1990
Blood Type : O
Weight : 44kg
Height : 172 cm
Pierching: 4 in Right Ear and 3 in left Ear


Aoi: I wonder if I should try having a permー Since it's spring.
Aoi: I wonder if I should grow a mustacheー Since it's spring.
Aoi: Why is it okay if Jack Sparrow does it but not if I do? Is it because what we are made of? Are you really bringing that up? (read: is it because he's a badass and i'm not)

Many things happened during the tour, but in the end I felt accomplished. That’s why I’d like to go to other countries next time. I want to try visiting Asia and America too! | [VA] THE GAZETTE RUKIの万屋 [X]

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In which Rui is just done with life

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佳衣 (Kei) and Yo-ka hugging.

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Kazuki Royz

Kazuki Royz

Kazuki Royz

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